Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra conductor closes out 12 years of music (Greeley Tribune)

Adam Poulisse of the Greeley Tribune recently published this article about Maestro Cortese. Read on to learn about his time with the GPO and his plans for the future.

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“Glen Cortese had quite a commute for the 12 years he was the musical director and conductor for the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra.

He was still living in New York City at the time, and would come to Greeley for weeks, sometimes months, to oversee the orchestra for auditions, rehearsals and performances.

Of course, there are plenty of other music organizations between here and the Big Apple, but Cortese decided to lead the Greeley Philharmonic — the oldest continually operated professional orchestra west of the Mississippi River.

“I was attracted to the fact that they had great support in the community, and they have a really beautiful concert hall,” Cortese said. “At the time, they had the size of an orchestra I was looking for and could be of service.”

After 12 years, Cortese has closed his career with the Greeley Philharmonic’s 108th season. A farewell concert took place on April 27. He leaves behind more than a decade of keeping the orchestra alive and propelling it into the future with new partnerships and sustaining its high quality.”

Read the full article here

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